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Shaahin mohajeri or Shahin mohajeri ,(in Persian شاهین مهاجری) born 26 July 1971 in Tehran, Iran is a Tombak player, Tombak Researcher and microtonal composer. He has B.A in geology from Tehran university. He began studying tombak under supervision of Nasser Farhangfar, master of tombak, but His Studies of tombak sound and fingering, tombak musical analysis and his arrhythmic musical ideas have led him to a different musical world of tombak and tombak playing.

He composes music for solo of tombak and tombak group with different pitches, ranging from traditional to his personal style.

He is working on a new musical notation system for tombak as a result of acoustical parameters and a system of fingering classification for this drum .

On 23 Dec 2006 Shaahin mohajeri lectured on tombak history, organology,acoustics and tunable tombakof Dr.Hossein omoumi in the Tehran Conservatory of Music.

As a microtonalist, he works on different tuning systemssuch as :

         Equal divisions of length(EDL)

         Arithmetic irrational divisions of octave AIDO(or nonoctave,interval)

         Arithmetic rational divisions of octave ARDO(or nonoctave,interval)

         Equal divisions of octave

         Arithmetic divisions of length (ADL)

Shaahin mohajeri believes that 96-EDO is a good system for intervallic structure of Persian music with more accurate estimation than ali naqi vaziri's 24-EDO system. Now, He is working on a microtonal notation system based on 96-EDO for Persian music and on a model for tuning systems classification based on divisions of octavic or nonoctavic musical scales and systems.

Microtonalist Aaron krister johnson in his interview with tokafi Called him as a very talented individuals from the Middle East.

Some of his tuning models is used in scala , a powerful software tool for experimentation with musical tunings.He is also listed in 81/80,an internet radio dedicated to microtonal music.

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